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Emaho Meaning

Ema-ho is a Tibetan word which translates to, "compassion for all living beings." It is an exclamation of a marvelous realization of our connection to all living things. The realization is so profound that it changes how we see the world around us.​ 
It is this energy that I strive to bring into each of my healing practices. 

Emaho Energy Arts Philosophy


Compassion. At its core, everything that Emaho Energy Arts offers, holds compassion as its intention. To understand the practice there is a need to understand what that means.


As a practitioner, I hold many responsibilities. Those range from making sure the room is clean and orderly, to staying current with additional studies, to always be learning and growing. As a healer, it is my responsibility to hold space, be present, and to have love in my heart for every person that comes to me. These responsibilities are to ensure that safety, vulnerability, and skill are never a question of issue. I do not do these things to be better than any other practitioner, but to make sure that every person in need knows that they are safe, powerful, and loved. 

This is the heart of compassion; to better yourself for the sake of helping others. To feel what others feel and to want their suffering to end. Not just for I but for all. These are the values of Emaho Energy Arts and I will perpetually strive to hone my practice as we work to improve your wellness.

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A Word From The Owner

"In my opinion, the most important thing in life is love. While romance is a very pleasant aspect of love, I am referring to a love beyond the romance. It is the place where anything is possible and is the energy that brings true healing. Love is full of compassion and understanding. It sees the lines that connect us all. Love makes up the connections through which our needs are fulfilled. It is available in every place, situation, person and being. Love is what allows us to look at the world around us and move forward with a joyous knowing that everything is exactly as it should be in this moment. It is what allows us to look within and make the changes desired for a more fulfilling experience. From my experience, love is the only thing that can overcome hate and the painful patterns we can become tangled in. And it all starts with loving the self."

-David Elliott LMT

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