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Logan Ericson

Shiatsu Practioner

David is kind and very present with you as you go into a session with him. His presence is very calming and considerate, and his energy fills the room with love and light.

The session I had with David was deeply healing, calming, blissful and meditative for me. I would recommend him for all those men and women looking to be seen and worked on in a different state of consciousness.

His healing touch and energy practices left me feeling as though I had just gone through a journey of space and time. His presence was very loving, pure, and strong. I thank you David, for such a deeply healing session. I am appreciative of your work and for your ability to see inside a persons heart, and hold me in that place of acceptance.

Thank you.


May 2018

Lori Able

Owner of Healing Empowerments LLC

This is the second session I have had with David. The first was at a busy festival setting. This time it was at the Ranch, where he had a room set up for Reiki. David has a strong ability to remain grounded the entire time I was in his presence.

David called in his guides and teachers first, before any Reiki was performed. He asks you to look inside yourself for energy blockages and guides you through your body. This way you can acknowledge feelings whether good, bad, old or new, to see what you may be holdong on to. In this way, it is easy to work in tandem with what he is saying so you can feel for yourself what is really true for you in the healing. For the rest of the session, I felt different parts of my body calling me to attention. I was free to move on the table how i wanted to and move my spine or arms where they needed to go. 


I was pretty surprised to find I was holding on to so many layers of old energies or even cords. David uses a lot of off-body techniques and some hands on and even singing bowl. I was also amazed that so much can be moved with his hands off-body.


At the end my cells had been purged of perhaps many lifetimes of baggage, and I was achy, but not in a sore kind of way. The feeling soon released when I was able to sit up and breathe and process all the feelings and sensations that moved through and then away from the sacred space. Luckily for us the wind on the property was helping with the session as well. Great job David, see you next time!


March 2018

Courtney Herrera

Aroma Therapist

The beauty of the gift embodied by David is beyond words. I had a reiki session with him this morning, and this is the first time in at least a decade when I have not felt anxious. I have been diagnosed with C-PTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder) and I can't remember the last time I felt safe, loved and calm. Today I felt all three. During our session, David took me on a journey through a guided meditation and facilitated my healing work by holding me in a space of loving energy. Since our session, I have felt grounded, focused, calm and centered in such a beautiful way. The gentleness of David's heart is such powerful medicine. I highly recommend hanging out with him, but even more so getting a session with him. It will change your life.


March 2018

Dawn Griffin

Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner

I had the privilege of receiving energy work from David Elliott, who is a gifted channel of higher frequencies of energy. I am very particular about who I let work on me and often I don't feel that much when people work on me. The session with David was exceptional and I would definitely recommend experiencing his gifts for yourself. 


August, 2017

Phalan Paschal

David Elliott of Emaho Energy Arts is on point!!! Hands down BEST Reiki Practitioner in Colorado. The safe and sacred space he creates allows one to fully surrender to the attunement for maximum healing to take place. The energy is so balanced and loving- it can be felt as soon as you step through the door. David's ability to create such an atmosphere and also provide a high standard of professionalism is an amazing gift. The passion to help others along with his honest love and integrity are fully felt. Its awesome!! I have no words, or should I say, not enough words?, to describe INCREDIBLE his attunements are. Every single one has had a profound impact on me that has been nourishing. Don't take my word for it, check him out. I just wanted to express my gratitude and give blessing to David for blessing this world with his gifts. Thank you for showing up and being such a radiant light for all of us. 

August, 2017

Katie Garnett


I recently had the distinct blessing of a Reiki session with David Elliott.  David is a consummate professional, competent, caring and kind.  It is my belief that the inner workings of any energy healer must be based in caring and kindness and David is exemplary in that capacity.


I felt incredibly better in the days after the session with David and in fact, I was able to climb to the summit of a mountain that I had been attempting for several months. It was especially important for me in the process of my healing and I am deeply grateful.


I recommend David’s work with Reiki completely and without reservation.  His heart is in the right place, and he is highly skilled.


Most warmly, Dr. Katie Garnett


June 2017

Lana Ishka

Reiki Master Teacher

My session with David was amazing. I felt very comfortable and let myself relax and go deep. I had visions during the session and felt my body buzzing. There were points where I couldn't tell where he was - like his hands were at a few places at once. The areas that felt tight/blocked were completely better after the session. I feel so much lighter. Thank you, David!


April 2017

Angelica Cooper

Emmisary of Divine Light

David is a highly gifted healer. He is highly intuitive and is fluent in creating more balance and healing within one's body. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for more relaxation, balance, and healing, whether physical or emotional.


December, 2016

Suzie Kapalua

David is a highly gifted Reiki Master. He worked wonders on my body&soul. I had my first sessions ever with him (2 in total) and they immediately improved my state of being. This is powerful multidimensional healing. I am very excited&curious about Reiki now. Want to learn and experience more about it. Thank you David!!! <3

December, 2016

Orr Newman

David did my first Reiki session. He was very professional, sensitive and respectful. Highly recommended for anyone who's looking to heal and relax his body, mind and soul.

December, 2016

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