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Reiki                        $60/Hr

Reiki has been a passion of mine since I received my first session in 2016. Immediately after, I asked to become a student of the practice. I became a level III Master Practitioner within a year and became a Master Teacher 2 years later. I have given hundreds of Reiki sessions and the most important thing I bring to each session is compassion and a safe place to release what holds us back.

Reiki Session

Reiki uses energy to balance the chakras, assists in healing trauma, insomnia, depression, PTSD, as well as recovery from many physical injuries and ailments. Should not be used to replace medical care. Sessions include guided meditation, energy work, and are preformed on a massage table. 

Reiki I Classes (Beginner's Course)

Reiki I classes provide the basic foundational concepts to beginning one's practice. This class prepares you for becoming a certified practitioner. 

Reiki III Classes (Master Course)

At Master Level, you will learn even more powerful techniques and symbols for your practice, enhancing what you can do to help others heal.

Specialized Sessions

Specialized Reiki sessions are catered to the needs of the client. In these sessions, more specialized techniques can be used to assist in recovering past life memories, healing past life or current life traumas, awakening the kundalini, cutting energetic ties, assisting with entities and more.

Reiki II Classes (Practitioner Course)

This course provides you with level II understanding of Reiki as well as certifies you as a Practitioner.

Reiki IIII Classes (Teacher Course)

In this course, there will be a deeper level of understanding of Reiki as well as training in teaching others to become practitioners and beyond.

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