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Guided Meditations        $30

Meditation can be a powerful tool to bring awareness and peace into our experience. There are many forms and methods to meditating. All of them are beneficial and can be used to achieve different desired results. A simple meditation is to sit quietly and to focus on your breath within your body. This technique is powerful in its simplicity and can help assist one to find connection to the nature of their own being. Other meditations can be used to assist in clearing of chakras, meeting of spirit guides, grounding, inner reflection, or even astral projection. 

Chakra Activation

In this meditation, we use the mudras, mantras, visualization, and breath to connect to each in order to activate and balance each one into harmony.

Shadow Work

This meditation is used to connect to that which we hide from; the sub conscious pain and fears we unknowingly hold on to in a safe and supportive environment.

Spirit Guide Meetings

This can be a powerful meditation for meeting new spirit guides or communicating with known spirit guides to seek wisdom from beyond the vail.

Breath Work

Focus on the breath and let it wash away your worries. In this meditation, we use different breathing techniques to active a state of zen while connecting to our bodies.

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